Research Training

Welcome to the Gender Institute!

Course Objective

The main objective of the research segment of the Gender Institute is to help you:

  1. fine-tune or articulate your research question(s) and develop a draft a proposal that you can refine as you work on your research with your mentor;
  2. complete or initiate the completion of what will be the eventual output of the QES program – a peer-reviewed publication

Hence, we use the term “proposal” loosely, recognizing that individual scholars within the cohort will be doing research at different stages – from completing their dissertation to reviewing literature for a manuscript or completing and submitting a manuscript.

Towards these ends, you will complete lessons and readings, and submit assignments to the Gender Institute Coordinator. You will be continually provided with feedback on your proposed subjects as you more from one set of assignments to the other.

Please keep in mind that you are expected to complete this program before arriving in Canada.

Relating to Research on Migration?

In this segment we will focus on principles, design and practice of social research. While the segment draws significantly from feminist research on international migration, the underlying themes are largely transferable across research projects related to solving social problems. In other words, the key messages are designed to complement research areas of interest beyond international migration.

What is Expected of me?

You should complete all lessons, readings, activities, and assignments. We have provided below the timeline you should be working with in order to complete the program before your arrival.

Course Layout

This course is divided into three sections: research training, community engagement, and leadership. Each module features an introductory video which provides context for the lessons and readings that follow. The beginning of each module also features a list of learning objectives. Please, pay attention to these learning objectives, because this is what you need to know by the end of the module.

All modules feature some combination of lessons, readings, and a summary. You should read each lesson and make your own notes. Throughout the lessons there are reflection activities. You do not need to submit these activities to the Gender Institute Coordinator unless instructed to do so. These are for your individual learning.

On the “readings” page you will find introductions to the readings and instructions for how to access them. Finally, on the summary page is where you will always find your next assignment.


Activities are for your own, individual learning. You should not submit your notes from any activities to the Gender Institute Coordinator.


Assignments are designed to help you produce a draft of a research proposal by the end of the course. You will submit assignments and some reflections to the Gender Institute Coordinator via Google Forms.

Suggested Timeline for Completion

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

  • Keep working on your assignments for Research Training, Modules 1-4
  • Complete and submit your assignments for Research Training, Modules 1-4 via Google Forms You will receive feedback via email by week eight

Week 7:

Week 8:


If you have questions about the course, please contact the Gender Institute Coordinator (