Module 3: Summary & Assignment

Now that you have studied theories and methods, you must think about the theories and methods you will use in your own research. You will begin working on a draft of your theoretical framework and an account of the methods you plan to use in your research. This will form part of the research proposal that you will submit to the Gender Institute Coordinator.


Instructions: Write a description of your theoretical framework (750 words) and your methods (500-600 words). You should include a justification for why you are using those research methods. You will submit your assignment using Google Forms.

Use the following questions as a guide:

  • Which theoretical perspectives inform my research? Are there any theories from the course on gender and migration that inform the way I think about my research?
  • Which methods will help me answer the research question? Why are these the right methods to use?
  • How do the methods relate to the theoretical lens I am using?
  • Is the community a site of knowledge? How will I involve communities in my research?