Module 5: Summary & Assignment

The main goal of knowledge mobilization is to use the results of your study to create change. Knowledge is powerful, and knowledge will always be used. As a researcher, it is your job to think about who can use the knowledge you are generating and how they can use it. You have the power to help shape the knowledge mobilization process in positive ways. You may decide to include knowledge users, including the communities impacted by your work, in the research process, or you may decide to include knowledge users in the knowledge mobilization process at the end of the research project. In any case, it is important that you have a knowledge mobilization plan from the outset. The final part of your research proposal assignment involves thinking about your knowledge mobilization plan.


In your proposal, begin drafting a knowledge mobilization plan. In the following Google Form, answer these questions:

  • Who are your intended audiences? In other words, who are the knowledge users?
  • What are the main things you want to share with your knowledge users?
  • Will the knowledge users be involved in the knowledge mobilization process?
  • How do you plan to share your research with knowledge users? Identify three to five ideas.
  • What are the intended outcomes? For example, do you want to influence policy change? Do you want to educate the general public?


  • Use the examples on the previous page as a guide.
  • Remember that your plan can change after you receive feedback.
  • Think about how your plan for knowledge mobilization relates to your research question.
  • You can write this section in point-form, using bullet points. Or, you can create a table.